Let’s light the continent with bright ideas together

What is ASO?

ASO is an Ideological Revolution Designed to REPROGRAM African Entrepreneurs in Realistic, Profitable and Self-sustainable Initiatives.


ALT Natives or ALTs are smart people who seek improved ways. They ditch bad culture to correct what defines us negatively. If anything must be done differently; it must be done better. ALTs dismiss nonsensical, old retarded ways: Disguised as destructive foreign local tradition. We know its stupid, but that’s how its been done mentality. ALTs live on the merits of sound reasoning, Africa: the forgotten kingdom.
Reporter Dot Com Reppin’ Crowd

The people want to know, who or what do you mean by better? Is it a certain class of people? The wealthy? A religious sect? Who is better?
Afro Kastro

Its a race. A race of smart black monkeys, who want to better the pearl. The forgotten. Arrow, Bee, BlackStar, RedBlood. How cool is that? Switched on. We are about Philosophy, Arts, Science and Technocracy.

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