We believe that, besides making Dofus Kamas

We believe that, besides making Dofus Kamas quite hard to balance winnings, the old way made it look like the well of dreams was a feature. In practice, to make the most of the content, an individual has to finish the rest of the game.Defeat insurance bids you farewell and will be substituted with a brand new system. When you lose a fight in a space, you'll be locked out. You must pay a certain amount of dream points, which will increase each time you get locked out to regain access to this space. With this system, each fight can try out at least with shedding fantasy points.

Monster placements and combat challenges further vary to permit you to reevaluate your strategy under the same conditions. If these do not suit you, then you will be able to draw on new ones through a service from the bazaar randomly. This support is always present and can be bought as many times as necessary.Idols have a reduced impact on the experience and infinite reflections gains. Dream points will no longer be changed, nor will chests. While this measure goes against the idols contract (which promised to increase experience and loot), we think that it is crucial to maintaining a great balance to Infinite Dreams. That's why we've limited the influence of idols to experience and infinite reflections.

Twelve months generating reflections with the system has left us with a problem that was substantial. The amount of fantasy reflections is way bigger than makes sense now. That's why we've decided to suspend dream reflections between upgrade 2.53 and update 2.54. All dream reflections will become reflections that are forgotten, and you will be able to use them in crafting quests or activities. Because eliminating them would have been unfair to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro you, you'll have the ability to use your existing reflections to purchase six ceremonial shields which will soon be available as uncommon drop items in Infinite Dreams. This is far from a perfect solution, but it is going to enable you to earn money from your reflections without developing a new bad effect on Infinite Dreams.
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